What is GDPR and Do I Need to Worry About It?

If your email inbox is anything like mine, for the past couple of weeks you’ve probably been flooded with, oh I don’t know, somewhere in the neighborhood of 17,000 emails from any company you’ve ever dealt with detailing privacy policy changes.

Ok, that’s probably hyperbole, but not much.

Most of these emails probably mentioned GDPR, or General Data Protection Regulation.

You may have been thinking, “Just what the hell is GDPR, why should I care, and OMG just make these f’g emails stop already!”

Or something similar.

TL;DR – The General Data Protection Regulation is a European Union law that is set to go into effect this week, which basically is designed to give EU citizens control over their private data and ensure that companies have explicit consent from people before gathering, storing, and using their personal info. 

This Doesn’t Pertain to Me Cuz I’m Not in the EU, Right?

Sorry, but if you have a website, even if you aren’t in the EU, this law probably pertains to you. The internet doesn’t really have borders, so you may have visitors from EU countries. As such, your site needs to be GDPR-compliant.

Instead of a 5,000 word post explaining all of this and what you need to do, I made a quick video that will walk you through it. I’m a visual learner, and plus, that was much easier than typing it all out.

So, watch this video. While you probably deleted all of those privacy policy emails without reading them, don’t click away from here without watching this video.

Really. If you have a website, you really cannot ignore this stuff.

The article and privacy policy tool that I mention in the video are linked below.



Links mentioned in video:

The Ultimate Guide to WordPress and GDPR Compliance – Everything You Need to Know

Iubenda Privacy Policy Generator

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